OH&L Wolfgang Puck

Orlando Home & Leisure Magazine Wolfgang Puck Issue

December, 2009
Orlando, Florida

In order to do this issue, we met Wolfgang in his restaurant in Disney. We thought we would be there for an hour and it would be very professional and stuffy. It was very far from that. Wolfgang was gracious, sweet, and welcoming. We spent an entire afternoon with him cooking drinking and eating. He gave us so much food and drink that we left because we couldn’t imagine having any more.

First, they bring out this huge tray of beautiful seafood. We start photographing it and he comes out and tells us that’s for us not for photographing, it’s for us to eat! That his people are preparing food upstairs for the photographs. Then they bring us champagne to go with our seafood. After a little while, we are invited upstairs to start the actual photo shoot. He comes up and sits with us for hours. He goes through several processes and teaches all how to cook a few dishes. Then we try an incredibly delicious dish he was testing: butternut squash soup with a hint of curry, unbelievable. Anyhow, we were there from 1-6 pm. And he sat with us all the time that he could break away from people wanting his photo with them to the staff needing him. He knew all the names of everyone in the staff. His main managers had been with him for years. Needless to say, we were impressed. And our editor Leigh Gingam was in heaven ready to write a great article about our experience for our December issue.

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