Mom’s Siblings and Cousins

My mother has several half brothers and sisters on her mother’s side. My grandmother had my uncle Mincho Alfredo Dalmay Pichardo and my mother with my grandfather, Alfredo (Fello) Dalmau Rijo. She had already had several children with Octavio Castillo, (Celeste, Diana Octavio (Fefé) and Encarnacion (Cachón), and one with José Maria Poe, Graciosa Deldiama Poe (Dedé).

She also had many cousins that grew up in the same household or down the street and spent all the time together. Her aunt Lela Dalmau de Santos and her children, her aunt Anacaona Dalmau Rijo, and their mother Isabel Rijo de Dalmau, all lived in the same house. All these cousins have always been like brothers and sisters to my mother. And, us kids called them all aunts and uncles. So, that makes their kids all my cousins which makes for a wonderful, big family.

I am uploading all these photos and will try to organize them soon.