Corinne Riley Buzbee

Corinne R. Buzbee (Connie) was born 1921 in Easton, MD. The daughter of Carson Riley and Marie Thompson, she grew up between Maryland, Delaware and Florida. Her parents owned restaurants and later ran an in in Maryland. After College, Connie joined the Red Cross during WWII and was stationed in Hawaii. After Hawaii she got a job with the Foreign Service stationed in French West Africa where she met Hubert Hudson Buzbee II. They married in 1947 and had their first child, H. Hudson Buzbee¬† in 1948. After their wedding they all over the world in places such as Australia, France, Italy. Bermudas, Nicaragua to name a few. My Husband, Tom, grew up all over the world and didn’t live in the US until after we got married.

Connie’s Family Tree