Ancestors Dalmau Rijo Pichardo Martinez

My Mother’s father’s family comes from an area of the Dominican Republic called Hato Mayor. There aren’t many records of the Dalmau family because a fire in the 30s claimed the records. Most of the Dalmau moved to San Pedro de Macoris, following the economic and cultural boom that happened there in the 1920s where most of their children were born or raised.

My mother’s father was Benjamin Alfredo Dalmau Rijo (Papá Fello) (Family Tree). He was a very successful business man, one of the founders or the Rotary Club in the Dominican Republic, the Chamber of Commerce, & the Santo Domingo Country Club.

My grandmother was Diana Emilia Pichardo Martinez (Mamá Diana) (Family Tree). She was a Shaman (healer) for many years in the area of Baní in the Dominican Republic. Her father’s family arrived to Hispaniola in the 1600s. The Pichardos have always stood out for their height and artistic vain. There have been sopranos, historians, poets, musicians, painters, and more. This ability comes out all over the place in our kid’s generation which includes many creatives.

The following are photos of family ancestors from both sides of Mom’s family.

I will try to organize it and name the photos when I can.