Eggplant – Berenjena

Eggplants are believed to be originally from India, but have been cultivated all over the world for eons. Caribbean eggplant (Graffiti Eggplant) is slightly different from the eggplant usually available in the USA. They are smaller and teardrop shaped. The skin is a dark mauve, shinny, with white specks forming stripes. The inner flesh is cream to pale white and has small, edible seeds. They are tender and smooth with a sweet and slightly fruity flavor when cooked.

Eggplant must be covered with salt-water for about ½ hour before cooking to remove the bitter flavor You can also cut them or slice them and sprinkle with a lot of salt and leave them for about 20 minutes to leach out the bitterness.

We eat them as fritters, in souffle, stewed, or as party dip, but there are literally, thousands of recipes. They are a great source of protein.

Eggplant, berenjena, melanzana