Coconut – Coco

The coconut is the fruit or nut of one of the most beautiful and noble of all palms. It is a very important factor in the survival of the Caribbean people. Every part of the tree is used. The trunk and palm frond are used for burning as well as the old nuts which burn for a very long time. It is very common to see roadside fruit stands made of branches, and thatched with coconut fronds. It will not keep the rain out, but it is a great shelter from the hot sun. The leaves are used for making hats and other weaved goods. The clear liquid inside the nut is the coconut water. It is always fresh, pure and sweet in its perfect container. The riper the coconut, the sweeter the water. Not only is the water used to quench that Caribbean thirst, but also in cocktails (adding rum and ice is a favorite), and as medication for liver disease, and just overall toning of the body. It is also a great diuretic. The milk is used in many medications: from anti-parasite to flu medicine.

The meat of the young coconut is very tender almost jelly-like and can be eaten right out of the shell with a spoon. The more mature meat is harder to get out of the shell and is used mainly for cooking

I have tried to buy coconut water in the US and have not found one, yet, that doesn’t have added sugar and weird chemicals as preservatives. It is perfect the way it is, why would you add more sugar?

Coconut, coco